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Yoe Hla Thandar

Lunch box with amazing taste and amazing prices at Yangon.

Phone: 09429282832

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Yoe Hla thandar 2
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Food Oh Clock

Homemade food preorder. We are offering Korean food currently and planning to expend in future.
We made food with love and affection. Please order at least 3 for each order.


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Food Oh Clock 2
Food Oh Clock 1

Bake Me Happy

We sell cheese lava cake, burnt cheese cake, corton cheese cake, durian cheese lava cake, chocalate chip soft cookie and fresh strawberry cake. Preorder please.
Phone: +95 9 42003 0212

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We make healthy, good quality, tasty & affordable food products for our customers with passion. Our mission is to deliver all our products to all customers everywhere in Myanmar.

kimchi fridge
chew chew
chew kimchi
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Tasty Bowl

Bakery and Beverages

Phone - 09677779888

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The Homemade Cook

Real Food for Real Families

Home made prawns
home made lunch boxes